FeederTronik is a friction feeder for sheets, cards, cases and coupons up to a maximum size of 250x300 mm in the 250 version or 400x300 mm in the 400 version.
Thanks to its powerful stepper motor, it can reach a feed speed up to 70 metres/minute.

FeederTronik is equipped with an HP inkjet marker far variable data such as date, time, barcodes and texts upto a maximum height of 12.7 mm at a 600 dpi resolution.

Techincal featuresFEEDERTRONIK 250FEEDERTRONIK 400
Product width min. 60 - max. 250 mm min. 60 - max. 400 mm
Product length min. 60 - max. 300 mm min. 60 - max. 300 mm
Product thickness 0,2-10 mm 0,2-10 mm
Feeding speed max. 70 metres/min max. 30 metres/min
Drive stepper motor stepper motor
Power supply 230 Vac - 50 Hz 230 Vac - 50 Hz
Power consumption 300 W 300 W
Dimensions 891x413x490 (H) 891x563x4902 (H)
Weight 35 Kg 40 Kg
  • Dynamic carton marking
  • Printing Data Matrix and human readable elements according to EU requirements for serialization