Pharmatronik has experience, know-how and a product portfolio that offers tailored solutions for the pharmaceutical companies, their CMO or service partners, from printing and serialization of products to manual and automatic aggregation processes.
A great field experience of turnkey solutions allows us to offer a very complete hardware and software suite to respond promptly and flexibly both to the current and upcoming regulations on traceability.

IT Expertise
Our serialization solutions are developed by an informatic engineer team with full-range experience on complex I projects. Our experience is your guarantee.

Complete Solution
Working with different providers for one solution can be difficult, which is why we offer both softwares and hardwares to our clients.

Each of our clients has own and unique needs. We develop tailor made solution offering all sorts of features, designed to meet our customers’ needs.

Everyone in our team is fully dedicated to meet all of our customers’ requirements. We pay great attention to our clients’ concern and work towards their complete fulfillment.

Vendor Integration
We offer both software and hardware solutions, but we can also integrate our software with our customers’ preferred hardware.

We aim to be a preferred provider for flexible serialization systems across different industries and become a long term partner for your company.