TAMPERTRONIK L is an automatic labelling system for pharmaceutical boxes.
lt allows the application of two tamper evident labels on the apposite openìng corners ofthe boxes.
Thanks to a couple of aligner belts, labelling is precise and accurate.
The adjustable guides help position the products, ensuring the correct alignment of the labels.

  • Designed to work with different carton slzes, up to 200 x 200 x 200mm.
  • Maximum label dimensions 40 x 40mm.
  • sensors for transparent labels.
  • Power supply 230V l 50Hz l 16A.
  • Maximum production speed up to 100 pieces/minute.
  • Automatic station for tamper evident labels application on pharnaceutical boxes.
  • Precise and accurate labelling.
  • Adjustable guides for products positioning.
  • Couple of spacing belts to handle automatic loading from a productlon line.
  • Control of label appllication including rejector and tray.
  • Protection cover.